Selected Work


In collaboration with influencer Mimi Bouchard to build and launch a new D2C brand of personally curated beauty and wellness products aimed at empowering young women.

Personal Project
Brand Development & Product Strategy


Leading the development of TENA’s latest D2C platform to launch an innovative new medical device throughout Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

PA Consulting
Product Management & Creative Strategy


Supporting the development and launch of an app designed to ease the chaotic customer experience commonly experienced by black men in specialist barber shops.

Personal Project
Brand Strategy & UX/UI Design


Leading the delivery of Essity’s D2C ecommerce platform and customer experience strategy for the launch of intimawear by Libresse™.

PA Consulting
Product Management & Launch Consultant


Leading the concept development of an app that enables a quick and simple way to buy and sell digital currency with no hidden fees.

Chelsea Apps Factory
Service Design & Product Consultant


Creating a practical application for spending cryptocurrency in daily life by incentivising crypto-tipping of charities and popular brands in return for mutually beneficial financial rewards.

Personal Project
UX/UI Design & Business Development


Founded a subscription-based journalism app powered by a proprietary AI editor that summarises, contextualises and categorises a personalised reading list.

Personal Project
UX/UI Design & Product Management


Connecting small businesses across the UK with the data and insights that will help inform their efforts to get to carbon zero energy usage before 2030.

Chelsea Apps Factory
Service Design & User Research

BBC Three

Supporting BBC Three’s editorial and platform strategy alongside the channel controller during its transition to a digital service.

Content Strategy & User Research


Building a visual-Google by connecting people with information about the things they see using the computer vision app and new digital experiences using augmented reality.

Content Strategy & Product Design


Original and unique storytelling by BBC News and ABC News in collaboration, to bring a UK and US perspectives of key issues from around the world.

Videographer & Producer
About Me

I am a creative digital strategist and entrepreneur living in London.

Journalist-turned-creative digital consultant with experience in launching digital products and services, managing global teams and driving impactful organisational change. I began my career as a BBC journalist, before honing extensive strategic, analytical and design skills through leading a fast-paced and practical approach to developing a broad range of demonstrable expertise. I specialise in driving concept and ideation sessions, leveraging ethnographic research and design thinking, combined with industry trends and exemplars across a variety of emerging technologies.